Policy Positions

My number one priority, above everything else, is to improve the quality of life for everyone in Irvine. A proverb I live my life by and that I hope we can all agree on is that when the ocean rises, all the boats on it rise too. Improving the quality of life for everyone benefits everyone two fold.

Over the course of this campaign I have attended various forums where I have pitched my ideas and vision for Irvine. I detail my responses in text form everywhere, not only for honesty and transparency, but also for the accessibility purposes. Specifically some people may not be able to access to watch videos for a variety of reasons, hence I provided text answers on my website. I’ve also included my responses to some questionnaires I’ve been sent over the course of the campaign from various organizations, again for transparency purposes. Find links to all of these here:

I pride myself on trying to have a position and plan for nearly anything anyone can think of. For that purpose, I’ve divided up my policy positions into pages based on their major topic, although you might notice some overlap if you visit multiple pages (because many of my plans are interdisciplinary so to speak). Follow these buttons to hear my thoughts on your favourite and most important issue: