Affordable Housing

Irvine should not be only for the wealthy. Irvine should work to serve everyone. This is a great city, with great potential and great assets. It’s time we put them to use to raise the quality of life. We cannot continue to push out citizens like you and me in favor of corporations. Let’s make Irvine a place that works for all of us, and here’s how:

  • Rent forgiveness during difficult months of the pandemic. Renters in Irvine already have a lot to deal with, but the pandemic has only served to compound the problem. With the loss of jobs and disposable income, the best way to rejuvenate our economy is to give some of that income back so it can circulate into local business.
  • Prioritize development of affordable housing units. Congruent with the commissioning of development and traffic studies, I will require the studies to investigate the long term benefits (and costs) of affordable housing. It will be a core part of any new development I am privy to approving.