The City Council should work for all of us. To that end, we need to increase access to behind the scenes information. Public servants should be held accountable for their policy positions and their conflicts of interest. And they should be held accountable by the people they are pledged to serve. Here’s my plan:

  • Limit the influence of special interest groups. Special interest groups inherently muddle the waters on council member and mayoral integrity. We need to limit their ability to influence the council as a whole. Remember, the council represents YOU.
  • Improve access to city meetings and proposals. All council meetings and agendas are required to be posted online and in front of the Civic Center. But with the pandemic, how many of us have been able to visit the message board to see the agendas and bills to vote on? We need to make the online portal for council member disclosure forms and meeting agendas easier for people to access. For example, you might not know that all of our candidate filings are public documents. In fact, here’s mine.
  • Read and respond to ALL citizen comments. Citizens have a legal right to make statements at council meetings. With the pandemic, Irvine is currently taking online comments. In person, there are no limits to how many people can make comments. However, recently the council has been limiting the number of online comments read at meetings, simply because they are online. This is a direct violation of your rights. From day one I will advocate the reading into the record of every online and in person comment. Everyone should have a voice.
  • Increase the size of the Irvine City Council. Irvine has had a 5 person city council since it was founded, in 1971. 1971! Irvine’s population has increased 30 times over its initial population, and its about time we got more representation into the council. With 5 council members, (one of whom is mayor) each person has to represent at least 60k people. It’s time we got YOUR voices heard.