Climate Change

Climate sustainability and going more green is vital to our survival as a human race but also as a city. Irvine has the infrastructure and the ability to be a leader in the united states in terms of climate change and green energy. We should have acted on this topic 10 years ago, but since we could not, the time is now. There is no ifs, ands, or buts when it comes to climate change. I’m a scientist, and I’m telling you this once and once only: We will act without any more delay if I’m elected. Here’s what I will do:

  • Work with local experts. We have an entire university right here in Irvine filled with some of the brightest climate change minds in the entire United States. I know many of them would be thrilled to bring their expertise and suggestions to the city council, so I would invite them to talk at city council meetings and share their plans on how to align Irvine with and thenceforth exceed the goals set out in the Green New Deal and the Paris Climate Accords.
  • Sign on to the community choice energy (CCE) program. The CCE plan is a huge benefit to the city and to the environment. Firstly it will help break our singular dependence on SCE by introducing competition that will both force SCE to innovate but also to reduce their costs, making it more affordable to the local customer. Secondly CCE funds alternative and renewable energy programs which absolutely have to be a linchpin of our climate plan moving forward. Currently Irvine is hoping for other cities to sign on to CCE with us, but as of latest update we have one other city, and I think with the two of us we absolutely must push to move forward.
  • Introduce climate and clean air related mandates. It’s time we made this city a leader for clean air. We have 300k residents, and thousands of cars spread between them. So I am in favor of adopting clean air mandates that seek to reduce the carbon related impact of Irvine through incremental stages, in accordance and agreement with the Green New Deal.
  • Public and mass transit system. I’m heavily in favor of improving and expanding our public transport (or mass transit) system in Irvine. In 2007 we approved a transportation system of this kind, and it shocks me that just two years later the project was canceled. I am especially disappointed in its lack of construction, since construction was to be county and state funded, providing only a benefit for our city. If we can get something like this built one of my priorities will be ensuring that it is accessible to all in Irvine. (making it affordable if not free) and easy to use. This transit system would be a huge benefit for our green energy plan here in Irvine, as it gets cars off the street, increases accessibility, and can be made to run on renewable resources (like the H2 fuel cell buses we have here at UCI currently).
  • Green energy pledge for government controlled buildings. I make a pledge to do everything in my power to get all Irvine government managed buildings and developments on green energy fully within 10 years. I can optimistically only be on council for 8 of those 10 years, but we must plant trees whose shade we cannot sit in.