Irvine has one of if not the best school district in America. I would know, I’m a product of it! We should want to keep it this way, but at the same time lets try and spread the benefits. Here’s what I’m proposing:

  • Increase funding to local schools. As Measure E has shown, investment in our local schools have only benefited our students. I propose to reallocate funding from some other departments towards our schools, not just for tangible buildable improvements, but also in the hopes that we might increase teacher salary. Our teachers deserve it.
  • Improve access to housing for teachers. This falls within the purview of the city council, and can be seen as a direct improvement that we can make. Many of our teachers are being criminally underpaid in my opinion, and the high cost of living in Irvine is pushing them out of the city. It’s time to start providing for our teachers and school administrators, here at home.