About Me

My name is Dylan Green, and I’ve lived in Irvine since I started attending elementary school here, all the way back in 2004. I attended Westpark Elementary, and then Lakeside Middle, and then University High. Once I attended college, I stayed, attending UCI and finishing a B.S. in Physics. And even still I have remained, pursuing a PhD in Physics from UCI, where I currently attend.

Irvine is part of my blood. I was raised here, and I’ve thrived here. Throughout my time here I have aimed to improve the community and people’s lives wherever possible. If you’ve had a kid play baseball (or played yourself, as the first kids I umpired are of voting age now!) in Irvine in the past 12 years, it is likely you have seen me on the baseball field, where I umpire baseball games for a variety of ages. On the baseball field I was known for being fair, honest, and for always keeping a level head. I never had a coach leave a field unhappy with any decisions I had made.

In my free time, I have volunteered around Irvine doing audio and visual work for various school musicals, specifically those run by my amazing mother, Ingrid Green. I have assisted with productions at Westpark, Alderwood, and Greentree in the past 4-5 years, as well as a summer program when school is not in session.

All of this to say that I dedicate any and all of my free time to helping and serving the community. I will continue to do so as your council member.