Irvine, it’s time for a change

Welcome! My name is Dylan Green and I’m excited to run for Irvine City Council. I have been a respected and well known member of the community for 16 years now, and I hope for that to continue for many years to come.

My number one priority is serving YOU, the people of Irvine. And for that reason I’m always open to (happy to, in fact!) hear from my fellow citizens and voters. Please reach out with your ideas and hopes for the future of Irvine.

One of the major cornerstones in my campaign is transparency. To that end I have taken all reasonable measures to present my ideas honestly and truthfully. I have provided as much detail as possible where I can. Transparency is a two way street, and I encourage every one of you to do your due diligence. There is more information available at your fingertips right now than any other generation in history.

We’re going to change this city, together. If you want to join the campaign, join us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.